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Leadership Development – A Strategic Need

For any organization to be successful, leadership is essential. Great leaders at the top make a huge difference in their organizations. These statements will be echoed by everyone. Experts in the field of human resources mention the importance of leaders at all levels. 

This includes the leadership at the top. You can also look for LDP Connect Meetings & Webinars online to know about overall leadership training .

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You will likely get diffident responses if you mention this topic to a line manager or a sales manager or any executive from most organizations.

Leadership development -a strategic need?

Many organizations deal with the topic of leadership in a general manner. Many organizations view leadership in terms of personality traits such as charisma, communication and inspiration.

Leadership is a competitive advantage

Leadership skills as defined above are a distinctive asset to any organization. This ability gives the organization a competitive edge.

A company with a strong leadership pipeline has a competitive advantage over all other companies, even those that have great leaders at the top. These competitive advantages include:

1. They (the organisations) can quickly solve problems and recover from mistakes.

2. They are able to communicate horizontally well. Things (or processes) move much faster.

3. They are less busy with their own lives. They have more time for people outside of their organization. Over 70% of internal communications concern reminders, error corrections, etc. They can be wasteful.

4. The productivity of their staff (indirects), is high. This is one of the most difficult management challenges.