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Insurance Claims – Contact A Public Adjuster

A public supervisory authority (PA) is a supervisory authority that assists the insured who suffers losses in preparing and filing insurance claims. 

The PA provides an invaluable service to the insured, advising the insured on the options available for his recovery, filling out forms, assisting with inventory lists, making structural damage estimates, helping you find temporary housing when you are too home. You can also check for the best public adjuster in Chicago via

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Many people on the insurance company side take it very personally when the policyholder hires a public regulator. Many truly believe that policyholders should trust insurers and regulators that they are doing the right thing and never question it.

Insurance company administrators and employees sometimes play games with their policyholders when the insured hires a PA. 

However, it’s not in your policy to suggest it. Experts are not lawyers and the legal/client relationship is not the same as the relationship between the insured and the expert. 

If your regulator or insurance inspector tries to resist this trick, they are only doing it to slow you down and cause you trouble. Call the manager or contact the insurance department.

For those of you who don’t want to dispute your claims from start to finish and are willing to pay someone to do this work for you, a professional public surveyor will have you covered.