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Information about the safe product owner

SAFe, an agile scaling framework, uses its own product owners role, the SAFe Product Owner. Despite being similar in name, the SAFe product owner is quite different from the Scrum product owners. 

A Scrum product owner controls the entire product, while a SAFe owner manages the details of the product, creates user stories, works with a subset on the product backlog, and interacts directly with one or more developers. 

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SAFe product owners are focused on product strategies. SAFe Product managers are responsible for strategic product decisions. SAFe is a model that divides product ownership into two roles. The SAFe manager oversees strategic product decisions and the SAFe owner manages tactics.

Although it is common to use a tactical and strategic product role in scaling, it works best when the product has stability. This means that the approach is less effective when there is a lot of uncertainty or change in the product strategy. 

This is often true in the early stages of product development, introduction, or growth. This is why it is important to combine strategic and tactical product decisions. It is difficult to do this when they are divided between two different roles. This is in contrast to Scrum product owners, who are always involved in tactical work.