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Important Tips For Maintaining Your High-Efficiency Washing Machine

You’ve color-coordinated your new washing machine to the laundry room’s decor, and it’s running like a workhorse for many months. Consumers are more than happy with their high efficiency (HE) washing machines when they’re brand new, but these appliances can’t perpetually operate without some maintenance. You can also hire washing machine repairs in Sydney for your washing machine issues.

Washing machine repair professionals advise everyone that High efficient washers have some extra care requirements. These two tasks are easily completed with some attention to detail, resulting in a finely tuned machine ready to take on the worst soil stains.

Wipe Rubber Seals Clean

Washers are known for their energy conservation features, using small detergent amounts coupled with low water temperatures. These valuable features contribute to mold and film buildup, however. 

Because hot water is rarely used during cycles, these films slowly grow in size. In fact, mold and other growths often find their way into rubber door seals. Take some time out to wipe these seals clean of any contaminants using a soft rag. 

This simple cleaning task also preserves the rubber seal’s flexibility and strength. Leaking front-loading washers, for instance, often have neglected rubber seals.

Old Fashioned Manual Cleaning

The simplest cleaning technique involves bleach. Set the washer to a hot water cycle and add laundry bleach. Set the appliance to run for two cycles, allowing the washer to naturally wash the bleach out of its system. Bleach removes stains, films, and other soil issues from the washer, leaving the appliance looking brand new once again.