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How to Use Effective Calming Meditation To Relieve Stress?

Meditation has various benefits. It was just holy people who used it at first to contact the god they believed. In the Catholic Church, later religious men and women used it to practice their mental prayer. 

Later on meditation became synonymous with mental prayer, one that strengthens vocal prayer when the mind no longer uses language, but the words reflect thoughts. You can now also get professional help in meditation via

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Then some people realized that without believing in anything divine, the practice of meditation would even help them heal their disease. Any professional individuals later found that they could use meditation to sustain a feeling of well-being and stress relief. 

Enable 1 to 5 minutes of meditation, no more than 5 minutes, after waking up and before working, whether still at home or in the office before the scheduled time for work starts or in the transport heading to work (if you are not the one driving).

Only sit in a quiet spot (just note in the center of the other passengers if you're in public transportation) and start breathing consciously. Think of the oxygen you inhale, breathe slowly, and just allow the exhalation process to take place. 

Think of the oxygen going into your blood and the blood is injected into your brain by your heart, giving your brain oxygen. For seven days, focus on your breathing this way. You will surely feel great and be stress-free.