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How To Prepare Wooden Crates For Shipping Overseas

Wooden crates are a great choice for international shipping. Strong, durable, and completely natural, they ensure that your product arrives at its destination intact. But wooden boxes have their own best shipping practices. You can also buy the best wooden crates in Sydney through various online sources.

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From package labeling to international regulations, learn how to prepare your bulky wooden boxes for international shipping.

Sanitize (If Used Before)

Before you start putting your product in a wooden crate, be sure to clean the inside if you have used this box so as not to contaminate your product. It is best not to soak the wood in too much water. Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe the inside of the box. If you notice dirt or a strange smell, use a vinegar solution to disinfect the wood.

Arrange them to save space

Wooden crates are one of the most durable shipping containers money can buy. So you can stack these containers on top of each other to save valuable cargo space. These boxes are designed to withstand pressure so you can stack other boxes on top of them without worrying about things falling apart underneath. It’s best to stack the lighter boxes at the top and keep your heaviest shipments at the bottom.

Wooden crates are an ideal choice for international shipments. They give you the support and strength you need to keep your products safe as they travel thousands of miles. Make sure your box is clean, properly labeled, and NPPO-approved before sending it for shipping.