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How to Choose the Right Sandpaper for Each Job

Sandpaper is an important part of the outcome of your project and the smooth running of your work process so that you use the most appropriate sandpaper for each task. Making sure you have the right grit for your project is probably the biggest force behind the quality of your results.

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Of course, there are many types of sandpaper to choose from and most are designed for different jobs. Fortunately, a grading scale of sand comes in handy here. The sandpaper ranges from 40 to 600.

Therefore, the grain spectrum is divided into several sub-spectra based on the overall roughness of the paper; Evaluation of grains of sand on paper then shows the roughness of the paper, starting with the smallest number.

The lower the sand rating, the coarser the paper and the coarser the finish. In other words, low grit paper (about 40 or 70) should only be used in the toughest abrasive applications. On the other hand, sandpaper with a high grade of sand (such as 400 or 600) is only suitable for the finest sanding. The higher the fiber, the smoother the paper and the finished product.

It is important to use them only as they are designed for all grits. Using sand that is too coarse or too fine for the task at hand wastes time and energy and can cause irreparable damage to certain materials and work parts. So use grit to your advantage and be smart with your sandpaper.