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How Physical Therapy Helps For Osteoporosis?

Many people with osteoporosis don’t realize they were suffering from the condition until they experience an injury or fracture in their back. What people aren't aware of is that it is possible to avoid this condition early in the course of your life by exercising and consuming daily calcium intake.

For those who are at the risk of developing osteoporosis, or who have already been diagnosed, physical therapy  for osteoporosis is one of the most effective methods to combat this condition. A lot of qualified physical therapists are specialized in treating osteoporosis. Browse to to avail physical therapy in Timonium.

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The process of treating osteoporosis starts with a thorough physical assessment which identifies limitations and imbalances and, more specifically, the activities as well as movements the person is competent or not able to perform.

The physical therapy offered to patients suffering from osteoporosis who do not have a fracture will include strengthening exercises and exercises that aim to build density of the bone and strengthen the bone-supporting muscles stronger, thereby preventing fractures. 

To reduce the strain on your bones the physical therapist you choose to work with will also educate you on the body's stability, balance, and posture. Your Therapist will also assist you to determine whether there are any dangers for you at home or at work, including specific tasks that could cause bone fractures.

Patients with osteoporosis who have suffered a fracture require specific exercises, as well as other treatments that are designed to provide reduction of pain and strengthening of bones as well as preventing fractures in the near future.

Alongside exercises that strengthen bones, osteoporosis physical therapy could also involve massage manual therapy, exercise like Pilates Tai Chi, tai Chi, yoga as well as heat and cold treatments for pain relief.