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How Is The Quality Of Packaging Materials Ensured?

There are many types of packaging used for different kinds of products such as corrugated boxes, airtight containers, PET bottles, polythene bags, etc. All these products undergo proper quality testing procedures so that it could be ensured that the customers get only the high-quality products, and the products remain safe during transportation and warehousing. 

Many manufacturers use different test methods for ensuring the quality of packages. Below are discussing some of the testing methods used for quality assurance of packaging products in industries.

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Compression test

A compression test is a major test that is conducted on the packaging boxes. As the packaging boxes undergo high compressive forces during transportation and warehousing, it is essential to test their compressive strength so that it could be assessed whether the box will be able to survive the journey or not. The box compression tester is used to test the compressive power of a corrugated box or carton. 

Edge crush test

The edge crush test is used for testing the strength of the walls of a corrugated box. The overall strength of the corrugated box greatly depends on the strength of the walls. The test is meant to determine the resistance offered by the corrugated board against crushing forces. 

This test is very helpful in determining the maximum value of crushing that a box can bear during its actual usage and hence can be useful for prediction of the suitability of a particular packaging material for a particular application.

Cobb sizing test

The Cobb sizing test is performed to determine the amount of water that can be absorbed by a corrugated box during usage. This helps in studying the effect of moist working conditions on the products.