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Finding The Small Wedding Venues in Newport

If you are contemplating an intimate wedding with just their closest friends and family members in attendance it is best to choose something simple. Instead of considering large churches, reception halls, or ballrooms, you should be in smaller wedding locations. 

Numerous places are suitable for events that can accommodate between 100 and 100 guests. The number of guests will determine how big the space is. If you're only hosting 50 guests on your guest list you may want to search for a smaller space. However, those that can fit 100 guests should be sufficient.

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If your budget doesn't allow for a lavish wedding There are plenty of wonderful smaller venues that you can consider. A smaller wedding doesn't mean it's any less significant or memorable. Being part of an intimate group of people that are dear to you can make your wedding unforgettable.

The most popular small wedding venues are the chapel, the garden an historic house or structure or inn, bed, and breakfast, or your preferred restaurant. The fact that they are recommended doesn't mean that the one you have in your town or city can be used for weddings.

Contact them first to determine whether they've ever hosted weddings? Can they arrange an event for a private gathering and do they have the right equipment and equipment you'll require.

Other venues for weddings that you can consider include wineries, the roof of a building or an art gallery, or perhaps your house or the house of a close friend. These aren't typical venues for weddings but with an amount of imagination and meticulous planning, any space could be turned into the ideal venue for your wedding.