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Factors Affecting the Cost of LED Lights

Many factors influence the cost of an LED lamp. The cost of an LED light can be determined by three factors. These key factors include the LED chip, driver, and housing.

  1. The LED chip.

An important component of light is the LED chip. This component accounts for the largest percentage of the total cost. There are many models on the market, and prices can vary depending on the package bracket and wafer. 

  1. The LED driver.

The LED driver is an integral part of any LED tube product. The LED driver can have a significant impact on the product’s lifetime. The cost of drivers can vary greatly due to the differences in circuit schematics. This is used to convert the input AC to DC power and drive the LED chips. It can be used to achieve this mode in non-isolated linear, non-isolated switching mode, and isolated switch-mode. Know more about LED luminaires

While the non-isolated linear option is very affordable, it has its drawbacks. This puts LED bulbs at risk of being stolen and has poor reliability. Its working efficiency is low and it cannot maximize its energy-saving potential. The LED driver’s non-isolated switching mode is relatively inexpensive. It is extremely reliable and efficient in delivering light. This mode still poses a high-security risk. Drivers will love the isolated switch mode because it has a low-security risk. costly.

  1. The housing is made of LEDs.

The exterior appearance of an LED housing is the final product. The cost of the housing varies depending on the structure and the materials. The cost of a structure that is simple will generally be lower. The same applies to the size. Smaller sizes can result in a lower price. The aluminum housings are more expensive than those made of plastic.

Although they may look similar, prices for LED lighting products can vary widely.