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Elder Care Facilities and Children

Bringing children to visit grandparents in elder care, assisted living, or similar residence is not only a valuable experience for everyone but recommended. Many residents of elder care facilities feel isolated from the outside world. Visits from their grandchildren or great-grandchildren often brighten their days as well as those of many of the residents who live in the facility.

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Nursing Care Facility Admission Checklist For Seniors - Including Elderly Care Items - Giving Care by Silvert's

Before the First Visit

Don't take your children to visit Grandma or Grandpa until he or she settles into their new place. It may take a few days or even a few weeks for some elderly residents to get used to their new homes, so it's best to wait until then. You also want to talk to your children about where their grandparent lives.

Explain that some people who live there are lonely and don't have anyone to visit them, so they will be very happy to see some young faces. You can also read one of the many children's books available on the topic or if they are old enough, sit down and honestly explain what the facility is like. Tell them they may see residents in wheelchairs or with walkers, the building may have unfamiliar smells and they may come in contact with unresponsive residents.