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Dubai – A Dream Place Worth Visiting

Dubai spells for many, the world’s tallest tower, several manmade islands, and underwater hotels. A shopper’s paradise and a taste of ethnic Arab cultures are what make travelling to Dubai such a unique experience. There are beaches and malls, restaurants and clubs, amusement parks and water rides, something for everyone. Dubai is standing out in the crowd of tourist induced frenzy. There is so much to choose from, people of all ages can have their share of fun.

It is said, to enjoy a city best you must taste its culinary delights. When it comes to food, Dubai is perfect. With cheesy Italian pastas, fragrant Indian biryani, stir-fried Chinese noodles and creamy Arabic hummus topped with olives, the variety in food is mind boggling. There is five-star cuisine prepared by British chefs Gary Rhodes and Gordon Ramsay at Grosvenor House Hotel and the Hilton Dubai Creek, respectively. Top of the line is the fabulous Chinese restaurant Noble House in the Raffles Hotel. This place is best for vacation rentals in dubai.

If your pocket will not allow the luxuries of fine dining then street food is just as good. Al Dhiyafah Road is Dubai’s food street. You can pick from Lebanese, Iranian and Indian cuisines. One of the famous eat-out is Sidra, with its fresh salads and spicy mixed grill that gives you a taste of exploding flavors. On the other end of the same road is Pars Iranian Kitchen that creates tender lamb and grilled seafood. Across is Pakistani Ravi Restaurant, one of the city’s best restaurants famous for chilly curries.