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Different types of Garden Containers

There are many different types of containers that can be used to grow vegetables including plastic bags, clay pots, plastic pots, metal pots, milk jugs, ice cream containers, baskets, barrels, and boxes. It is important to use a container that can accommodate the root vegetables you plan to grow, as roots vary in size and depth. 

Most backyard vegetables can be grown in containers, although the diameter and depth of the container must be considered when selecting vegetables to grow. You can buy large garden pots at

Here are different types of containers:

Cloth pot

While growing in cloth pots may seem counterintuitive, plants seem to love them and there are always more on the market.

They are lightweight, extremely durable, and easy to drink, fold, and store at the end of the season. They are also available in various sizes. To beautify it, you can place it in a colorful and inexpensive laundry basket.

Fiberglass container

Often mixed with plastic because they are just as lightweight, fiberglass planters are also synthetic, but instead of being made of molded plastic, they are made of fiberglass mixed with resin which is molded into various shapes. 

  • These can be very elegant planters perfect for a designer garden.

  • Fiberglass is a much lighter material than clay or ceramic.

  • This pot is very durable. Unlike clay, which gradually breaks down over time, fiberglass pots can last almost indefinitely.

Concrete Seeder and Hypertuff

Some of the prettiest containers are made of concrete. Colors and shapes can be elegant and nuanced. The only downside is their weight – they can be quite heavy.