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Choosing Your Ideal Platform Truck

As the name suggests, a platform truck consists of a main platform with a flat base on wheels. The use of trucks with platforms in the workplace is extensive and varied. 

Therefore, although there are several standard models, there are often companies that buy special trucks that are designed and customized to best fit the specific job they require. You can also find the best platform truck online via

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The weight, size, shape and type of objects to be transported can be taken into account in the special construction of the truck platform. A modular approach can help guide the process.

High quality platform trucks have solid construction, i.e. The steel frame is made from box cut and shaped so that there are no potentially dangerous sharp corners or gaps. 

Companies that use one-sided laser cutting to manufacture trucks can build this type of frame. In terms of dimensions, platform trucks are often 500mm wide and 600mm long and load capacities vary from 300kg and above.

The support surface itself can be designed very differently depending on the order. The base can be wooden or metal. 

High-quality trucks on special platforms can have additional sides. The sides can be made of mesh, steel, laminate wood, or plastic, and they can be positioned, hinged, or closed in specific arrangements as needed.

The size and type of wheels required for the platform will depend on the type of surface of the truck to be used and the weight of the material being transported. You can even search online for more information about platform trucks.