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All You Need to Know About Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

Health insurance protects you from the high cost of medical care. It provides you with coverage for specific medical and health services. You will typically pay a monthly premium and a deductible. Co-payments are also required for any services that you receive. 

Insurance costs are significantly lower than if you were to pay out-of-pocket for medical care. For the best primary care services, you can contact Prime Direct Health in Gilbert at

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There are three main types of health insurance: fee-for-service, consumer-directed, and managed care organization. 

These plans provide coverage for hospital, medical, surgical, and other expenses. Depending on which plan you choose, prescription drugs, mental/behavioral, and dental care may also be covered.

Managed-care, plans provide coverage for their members. Patients who choose to use the network of participating doctors will be eligible for incentives. There are three types of managed care plans: HMOs (POs), POS plans, and PPOs.

An HMO lets you receive medical care from a network of physicians. You will usually choose a primary care physician, who will refer you to a specialist if necessary. The PPO is a combination of HMO features and a fee-for-service plan. 

The premium for health insurance is the amount paid to an insurer to purchase coverage. Premiums may be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. 

When choosing the right type of insurance plan for you, consider your budget for doctor visits and hospital care as well as the cost of co-payments and deductibles.  

However, if your employer doesn't offer health insurance, an individual insurance policy might be a better option. It is too costly to not have health insurance.